Ask flo naturals

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions when the consumer is purchasing natural hair product.

What is our intention for Flo Naturals?

The intention of Flo Naturals is to provide women of many nationalities and different textures of hair a clean and safe hair care product for all natural hair made with all natural ingredients.  In creating Flo Naturals, we needed a product that made it easier to through dry textured hair prone to tangles.  Flo Naturals Moisture Twist and Curl Cream was created. 

What makes Flo Naturals a solution for problem hair?

There are no chemicals.   All ingredients are natural.  Our Moisture Twist and Curl Cream keeps hair moisturized while maintaining natural curls and enhances the twist process in addition to providing moisture to all hair types.  **Best used on wet hair.

How often should you shampoo? 

You should shampoo weekly for best results when shampooing and conditioning once a week to be the best for your hair's condition for fast growth.

What are sulfates and do I have to use a sulfate-free shampoo?

Sulfates are chemicals used as cleansing agents. They're found in household cleaners, detergents, and even shampoo. No you don’t have to use sulfate-free shampoos, only if you want to be chemical-free.

What products are best for natural black hair?

The best product for your natural black hair is a product that’s going to give you plenty of moisture with no harmful chemicals.

How can I soften my natural hair?

You can soften your natural hair (depending on your hair’s porosity) by adding moisture or giving yourself deep conditioners;  shampooing weekly in cool water;  and by using a shampoo that helps to close your cuticles and has enough moisture;  or by opening the cuticle so that the moisture can get into the hair depending on your level of  your hair’s porosity.  I recommend our Flo Naturals Moisture Care  Shampoo and Conditioner along with Moisture Twist and Curl Cream as a daily moisturizer and styling aid.         

How can I make my natural hair grow?

Use the right shampoo.  A shampoo that has the right moisture for your hair type your hair’s porosity. Use a conditioner after every wash always use a conditioner after shampoo to put back the moisture you just took out during the shampoo and it should also be the best conditioner for your hair type and porosity. Use a deep conditioner once every week. ..for added moisture. Moisturize your hair using hair oils.  Protect your hair ends keeping them trimmed and watching the heat on your hair.  Air dry your hair as much as you can. Keep your hands out of your hair. Stop doing all kinds of things to it give it a break from you. Sleep with a satin bonnet or pillow. Stay away from the cotton pillowcases cotton sucks the moisture out of your hair natural or not. Deep condition regularly. Will keep your hair soft and strong.

How can I hydrate my hair?

By adding moisturizers to dry hair under and a plastic cape on for 30 mins is a great way to hydrate your hair.

How can I thicken my hair?

Apricot oil is excellent in hair and on the skin due to its high amount of nutrients. It is rich in fatty acids, as well as Vitamins A, C, and E. In hair it aids in growth, adds shine without being greasy, reduces dry scalp/dandruff, and softens hair.

How do you soften coarse hair?

Drink copious amounts of water. Water molecules hydrate your hair from inside and out, to make it soft and elastic.  Spray your hair daily with water or a water-based spritz. Seal it with oil. ...Also, wash and deep condition your hair.

How can I improve my hair texture?

Eat healthy foods...use products that have no chemicals in them.